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Jun 19 2013

Twas the night before Induction…

…and all through the house, a young teacher was making blog posts instead of packing. Might as well get this ramble out so I can be productive before sunrise.

Am I excited about Induction? Honestly, not really. I’ve lived in D.C. for four years now. I was born in D.C., and half raised in the DMV area. I’m at home. The only thing I’m looking forward to is seeing how D.C.’s issues in education and poverty and other inequalities are presented to the people who aren’t familiar with them at all, by people who have not lived through them or watched loved ones fall victim to it. That should be interesting. Listening to D.C. Region’s newest residents and soon-to-be teachers try to define their role in all of this. I’m prepared to be thoroughly entertained.

I have always been the student who challenged the teacher. I’m not the feeble sheep who accepts information as given. I like to ask questions. I like to introduce new ideas. I am an expert at playing Devil’s Advocate. Especially in situations where the entire story is not being told, or being told incorrectly. I’m certain I’ll be raising my hand often.

I am excited for Institute though. Even though countless corps members and alumni have warned me that Institute…well….sucks. My sister is at Institute in Atlanta right now. She loves her students but…. let’s just say she’s definitely not at Disney World.

I remember when I started college and the provost addressed our class. He told us to look at the person to our left and to our right, and that one of them would not be there on graduation day. I feel like TFA will be kind of like that.

One of my favorite quotes about education is “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” – Malcolm X.

Who is the enemy? Well, that’s subjective. I know who/what I think it is. Ask me again in six weeks.

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“Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” – Malcolm X.

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