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Jun 25 2013

Institute = College during finals week

Induction was a lot of fun. Even though I know D.C. like the back of my hand, having a new set of people to experience things with makes the city look brand new. I’m proud to say that I am a native of the region, as I was able to shed light on some of the educational issues that aren’t necessarily highlighted in news articles and statistics. I love D.C. Region Staff, they are so sweet and so much fun (D.C. Region parties hard! LOL)

Now we’ve just finished the second day of Institute. It’s almost like college all over again. College during finals week. Full day of classes (sessions), homework, group work, deadlines, advisers, cafeteria food, people up all night, stressing out, overwhelmed, etc. What I’m learning is that as long as you’re organized, you don’t procrastinate, use time wisely, and turn in things on time, you have no reason to be up past 10pm. That 5am alarm comes quickly. I have a whole new set of friends, which makes everything a lot better. I love them dearly. If it wasn’t for daily belly laughs, hugs, kisses, and our general motto of “We’re going to make it”, I don’t know how I would get through. We’re definitely going to rely on each other for this next month. We’re all super excited, and super nervous. Personally, I’m ready for it to be Week 3, and already be in the groove of writing lessons, teaching, and managing my classroom.

In other TFA related things – My placement school’s principal (I was lucky enough to be hired in May) sent me my class roster for the fall. I have fifteen third graders to look forward to. I’m so excited, and so very nervous. I can’t wait to put cute little faces to these names, though. I’m extremely nervous about the home visits we have to do for each student. Hopefully my co-teacher comes with, even though she’ll be shared with another class during the day. I was hoping for a full-time co-teacher to take some of the pressure off but, I guess I’ll be fine. We shall see.

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