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Jun 29 2013

Week 1 is Done!

We made it through our first week! It was by no means an easy task. My body hates me for all the 5:45am alarms, all the late nights, and all the not-so-good food. Beyond that, with stress levels running high all week long, creativity being tapped out on lesson plans and classroom theme and procedures and expectations and everything else in the world that you never thought to think of when it came to teaching children….. I deserve all 12 hours of sleep I got on this glorious Saturday. I’ve literally done nothing all day. I haven’t done any work, I haven’t looked at one book, and I think I deserve it. We all do. I can’t allow myself to burn out in week 1! Tomorrow I’ll be back to work. Hopefully I find a way to keep my stress and anxiety levels under control. Monday is our first day with our students. I’m nervous and excited. Excited to bond with my new kids but nervous because I’m not confident in my lessons, and I just hope they get the skills I’m trying to teach. I’m teaching math for the next two weeks. Third grade math. Definitely not my strongest subject but great practice for the fall, when I’ll be teaching third grade math for a full year. A FULL YEAR. I have no idea how I’m going to manage that. I’ll get through somehow.


The hardest part of all of this has been the collaborative work. I’m not a group-work kind of person. So learning patience and openness for ideas and mistakes and confusion and debates and all the other things that come with working with other people on has been a challenge for me. But I keep telling myself it’s for the children. It’s for my children.

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