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Jul 08 2013

Week 2 is Through! On to Week 3!

The first week of teaching….. a blur to be perfectly honest. We have the most adorable third graders. Like, absolutely too freaking cute. They are so well behaved it’s scary. Even other teachers are like, “Your kids are amazing….wtf?!” I love them dearly already.

I’m teaching math, which is great because at my placement in DC I’ll be teaching only math to third grade. Perfect practice. Incredibly enough I’m starting to enjoy teaching math. I think it’s because it’s universal. Literacy is so subjective, filled with details and critical thinking and all the things I’d just rather not do. Math is the same every single time. Figure out your steps and solve. Only one right answer. It works for me. Works for my kids too. They are doing amazing things in math. We completely skipped the entire first 2 weeks of lessons because they scored so high on their diagnostic assessments we gave on the first day. They’re on to division now and grasping it quickly.

And to think, all my life I hated math. I could do it, but I didn’t want to. Now I’m the math teacher. Life is hilarious.

Had a bit of drama with my collab group aka my co-teachers. It was the usual thing I get all the time: I’m intimidating, I don’t smile enough, I make people feel like they can’t talk to me….whatever. At the end of the day, my kids are learning. My co-teachers personal opinions of me… I couldn’t care less. But anyway, my school director and CMA sat us down and we squashed it. Then the main one who had an issue with me quit today so…. I guess that’s fine. I think we’ll work great as a threesome, even with the extra work.

My kids really love me and it’s kind of strange. I am building great relationships with them, and I think they’re super funny and absolutely ridiculous. I loooove how smart they are! Every single one! They make me so happy! I’ve already had a student bring me a card with pictures she drew, they say at the end of my lessons “We love when Ms. Rich teaches math! She’s really nice!” and they get sad when it’s time for me to leave. Now they’re on this hugging thing. Everybody wants to hug Ms. Rich. I promise I am not that stereotypical super sweet elementary school teacher. I talk to them like I talk to people my own age. They seem to love it. Those charming little kiddos.

My energy levels are stabilizing. I’m not tired today like I usually am. I don’t know if it’s because I was actively working today, or if it was because my CS session was in the morning instead of the afternoon, or because I didn’t eat lunch today…. who knows really. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow before I make any real conclusions lol.

By the way, I hate lesson planning. Just wanted everyone to know.

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